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The Community Foundation of Crawford County attained a Planning grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. and is
also participating in a Regional Planning effort with Regional Opportunity Initiatives. With a very tight
deadline, we are working collaboratively with other organizations, in and around Crawford County, to assist
our community with crucial improvements using an economic growth mindset.
Regional Opportunity Initiatives has conducted several housing studies since they were created a few years
ago, and they do fine work which relies on accurate data and proven methods of success.

  • The most recent information demonstrates that 436 additional housing sites are needed in
    Crawford County by 2035. This includes renovating or replacing some existing housing stock or
    building new. All types of housing are needed: owner occupied houses; rental houses, duplexes or
    apartments, patio (no stairs) houses, and even tiny houses.
  • Not included in these numbers are seasonal rentals like cabins rented for up to two weeks at a time.
  • All towns and geographic areas of the community need homes.
    Actual Crawford County Examples: Many young people, and people who consider coming to Crawford
    County to work, report an inability to find a home or one in a price range that works for their budget. Housing
    stock is extremely low. People often say that we need economic development, and they generally mean they
    want to see more businesses start up or locate here. A business that cannot find housing for its workers is
    much less likely to locate here. More housing is crucial to economic and workplace growth/employability, as
    well as overall community growth.
    Benefits to more housing:
  • More families equals more:
    o Tax payers
    o Students in our schools
    o Community members involved in making Crawford County better
    o Sales of consumable goods like food, clothing, tires
    o Service industry sales like auto mechanic, auto and truck body work, etc.
    o Trade employees like HVAC and electricians
    o Restaurants or expanded hours of current ones
    o Bank locations
    o Opportunities for CCHS graduates to stay/live/work here, stay/live here/remote work or
    stay/live here & work in adjoining counties
  • More tax payers equals:
    o Better infrastructure:
    o Roads
    o Sewers
    o Water

o Electricity
o Natural gas
o School improvements


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